Релиз сплита mpala garoo & Sebastian Seqouiah-Grayson, 2021

This album is a first of «Pangeia Ultima» series, dedicated to the lo-fi and improvisational electroacoustic music made by musicians from different world regions and reflecting on a vivid amalgam of such spheres as utopian environment, sacred-secular anthropology, ecologies of myths and natures.

If we’ll consider the «raw and cooked» dichotomy which was suggested by Claude Levi-Strauss, this short self-released split EP would be certainly the raw one. There is an excerpt from Jerome Rothenberg anthology «techicians of the sacred» used in «untitled 1». It is called Genesis II and taken by Jerome Rothenberg from Aranda epos (Australia).

Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson:

Vastness covets distance.
Distance covets negative-space.
The measure of negative-space maps the measure between nodes.
Nodes populate structure.
Negative-space is relational, and non-empty.
Relations between nodes within compositions.
Between compositions in curation.
Between artists in collaboration.
Between collaborative artefacts and distal qualia.
Between equilibrium, and the will.
Not seeking union, but territory.
Not proximity, but momentum.